What are the most common materials for eyeglass lenses?

When choosing eyeglass lenses, two materials should be distinguished: glass or mineral lenses and plastic or organic lenses.
Mineral lenses have a harder surface, so they do not get scratched as easily. Mineral lenses provide good protection in the chemical industry but care should be taken to avoid breaking them, as mineral lenses are fragile. Mineral lenses are also heavier in comparison to their plastic counterparts. Available only in stores.
Plastic is the most commonly used material for eyeglass lenses. When talking about eyeglass lenses, we usually mean plastic lenses. Their benefits are their lightness and resistance to breakage, but on the other hand, the surface is softer and more susceptible to scratches. For this reason, all plastic lenses have a hard surface coating. All plastic lenses sold in our online shop also have an anti-reflective coating that makes the lenses clearer.
Trivex eyeglass lenses are made of stronger and shatterproof plastic-like material. These lenses are recommended for sports glasses and for children who love to play rough-and-tumble.