Inbank hire purchase is a convenient way to convert a large one-time expense into a small monthly one. You can pay for one or multiple products in instalments. Take more time to pay and split the purchase price into smaller instalments to be paid over an extended period of time. Payments start one month after purchase.

Inbank hire purchase:

• Total 70–3000 euros
• Annual interest 10%
• Downpayment 0 euros
• Contract fee 5.00 euros
• Management fee 0 euros/month
• Time period 3–48 months

Benefits of a hire purchase:

• Simple
 – concluding a hire purchase contract is easy because you get both the goods and the financing from the same place.

• Comfortable – no additional documents (except for an identity document) are required at the time of concluding the hire purchase contract. The service is also accessible to customers of any bank.

• Quick – you will receive a response to your hire purchase application in just a few seconds and the contract can be signed on any day, at any time. As soon as your application has been approved, you can sign the contract via the platform.

NB: this is a financial service! The annual percentage rate of charge is 22.79% per year under the following example conditions: the price of the goods if paid at once (net price) is 300 EUR; credit amount 300 EUR; downpayment 0 EUR; contract period 10 months; fixed annual interest rate 10% calculated on the purchase price; contract fee 5 EUR; monthly management fee 0 EUR. Monthly instalment 33.11 EUR; full credit amount and repayable amount 331.06 EUR. The creditor is Inbank AS (activity licence No. 4.1-1/31, place of business Niine 11, Tallinn, tel. +372 640 8080). Before signing a contract, thoroughly familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions and, if necessary, consult an Inbank AS employee or another specialist.