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Glasses insurance

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Glasses insurance

Glasses insurance

You can now select insurance for your glasses. Insurance is available for glasses and sunglasses bought at Pro Optika.
We also thought about getting used to new glasses. Pro Optika will reimburse you for the cost of replacing lenses prescribed to you by our optometrist within 30 days.

We also cover unexpected and unforeseen destruction or damage to glasses. In the event of damage, the compensation limit is the price of the glasses. We offer insurance for one year which is valid worldwide.

Price range of glasses    Insurance premium    Fee
75-150 €                                      12 €                             10 €
151-250 €                                    19 €                             20 €
251-350 €                                   28 €                            30 €
351-500 €                                   42 €                            40 €
501-700 €                                   65 €                            60 €

The insurance service provider is If P&C Insurance AS; the insurance is mediated by OptiPRO OÜ.
Check out the insurance coverage and exclusions in the terms and conditions of Pro Optika glasses insurance here. If necessary, ask the customer service representative for more information or view the Frequently Asked Questions section here.