Every responsible employer knows that vision is every employee’s most important asset. Good eyesight is very important for work because the ability of a company’s employees to perform their duties quickly and accurately is highly dependent on their vision. If you notice that the productivity of an employee has dropped or a very good specialist of yours makes a mistake in something they used to perform perfectly, one reason may be impaired vision.

Did you know that a person receives 90% of all information through their eyes?

Good vision at work ensures:

  • • faster acquisition of information;
  • • higher precision and less errors;
  • • faster results in different work sections;
  • • occupational safety, prevention of accidents both in traffic and at the workplace;
  • • productive work throughout the working day (if an employee’s eyes get tired, their productivity drops);
  • • satisfaction and a positive mood throughout the work day.

Pro Optika offers an eye examination service performed by trained professionals:

  • • On-the-spot in an institution, company or office (from 20 employees and up). Pro Optika’s specialists will come to your office with the appropriate equipment. It will save time for your employees, so you will be valuing your team’s time and, most importantly, their eyesight.
  • • In Pro Optika stores across Estonia.

If necessary, Pro Optika can also bring a selection of eyeglasses, so that employees can comfortably enjoy the service without leaving the office. Flattering and suitable glasses ensure that the company’s employees look presentable. In addition, there are special work and safety goggles to help ensure safety at work.

Value your employees and their time and contact us! We will help you find the best solution!