Astigmatism can occur both with far and short-sightedness and results from an uneven shape of the eye (uneven cornea or lens). The image that a person sees may have shadows or be stretched or distorted because the light falling on the eye is focused in two different points. This can cause tension in the eyes and headaches.

In a prescription, astigmatism is specified as cylinder correction, i.e. the eyeglasses include a cylinder. The cylinder size can vary: the higher the dioptre value, the more important it is to add a cylinder to an eyeglass or contact lens prescription. This visual disorder is corrected with cylindrical eyeglass lenses or toric contact lenses. Moderate cylinder correction does not affect the price of an eyeglass lens, i.e. it will be the same price as an eyeglass lens without a cylinder. In rarer cases, a special order is required.

There are without a doubt astigmatic people who were told only a few years ago that there were no suitable contact lenses for them. Fortunately, things have improved and specially designed toric contact lenses have been available for a while. Unlike conventional contact lenses, toric lenses include a cylinder that ensures stable and clear vision.