Eye exam for employees

Did you know that the human brain receives 90 per cent of all information through the eyes?

Every responsible employer knows only too well that good vision is the most valuable asset an employee can have. Vision affects our ability to work quickly and precisely. Vision affects our ability to work quickly and precisely. If you have noticed that a worker has become less productive or that an otherwise excellent specialist has been making mistakes where previously everything went smoothly, one of the reasons for this may be deteriorating vision.

When an employee’s vision is good they can:

  • acquire information faster
  • work more precisely and with fewer mistakes
  • accomplish tasks faster
  • comply with occupational health and safety requirements, avoiding static and mobile accidents
  • remain productive throughout the day (as we inevitably achieve less when our eyes become tired)
  • remain positive and content throughout the day

Eye exams can be scheduled at all Pro Optika stores in Estonia.
We also offer our eye examination service on the client’s premises, bringing all the necessary equipment. Having us come to check your employees’ vision will save you valuable working time and ensure that the performance of your personnel is not hindered by bad eyesight.

Such eye exams are conducted by optometrists or ophthalmologists, depending on the client’s needs and the agreement reached. Our eye examination services comply with occupational health and safety requirements.

Value your employees and their working time – just get in touch with us! Together we are certain to find the most suitable solution.

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