Accommodating lenses

Accommodating lenses are for people who often experience eye strain and tension when reading with glasses and working on a computer. Accommodation is the ability of the eye to see objects from varying distances clearly by morphing the lens in the eye. As a person ages, their ability to accommodate decreases and the eye muscles have to work harder to see up close, which can lead to issues. Accommodating lenses enable sharp, effortless vision both near and far, as the lens strength slightly shifts in the plus direction on the bottom half, which reduces the effort involved in focusing at different distances. The target group is wearers aged 16-40 who do a lot of close-up work.

Manufacturers call this type of lens by different names: for example Hoya uses ‘Sync III’, Essilor ‘EyeZen’, Zeiss ‘Digital’ and Rodenstock ‘Mono Plus’.