Aspheric spectacle lenses

Aspheric spectacle lenses are flatter in their design and therefore they are mostly used in glasses with a positive prescription. These lenses are thinner and the glasses are lighter. In addition, the side areas of glasses with aspheric lenses do not distort visible objects. You should consider that in addition to cosmetic advantages, it may take time to adapt to such glasses if you have used lenses with a spherical design, as you will be accustomed to the usual distortions that are not visible with aspheric lenses. The time it takes to adapt is individual, and can be from a couple of hours to a few weeks.

People with positive prescriptions gain the following important benefits by choosing aspheric spectacle lenses:

  • they are flatter and therefore the lenses seem significantly thinner and lighter;
  • they do not enlarge the eyes and therefore the eyes seem more natural through the lenses;
  • there are no distortions at the sides compared to spherical lenses; and
  • they are especially suited to those with different prescription strengths for different eyes.