Bright sunlight and UV light pose the greatest danger to children’s eyes!

When spring comes, more and more people find their way to optics stores to find fashionable protection for their eyes. All adults know how important it is to protect their eyes from the bright sun. Parents should also focus more on protecting their children’s eyes. With children, it is especially important for them to have proper sunglasses that protect them from bright sunlight and UVA and UVB light, as the growing and developing eyes of children need the same kind of care and protection from harmful UV light as their sensitive skin.

It is important to have sunglasses with 100% UV protection, as sunglasses brought from a toy store or petrol station often do not have UV protection and can do more harm than good to the eyes. A child without sunglasses will squint, and this way the eye protects itself more from the harmful UV light than dark sunglass lenses without UV protection do. The pupil hole is open behind the dark glass, meaning more harmful UV light reaches the eye.

All of the sunglasses sold in Pro Optika stores guarantee 100% UV protection.

As small children run around a lot, their glasses should sit securely. It is important for the glasses to fit perfectly, being neither too big nor too small, and sitting firmly on the child’s small nose so that the sun does not get into their eyes from the side or above the glasses. A lot of sunglasses for small children have a band that can be regulated or that is flexible, allowing them to play all games without losing the sunglasses. In addition, there are children’s sunglasses available which are made from flexible materials so that the child feels as comfortable as possible and parents are not afraid that they will break while playing. Besides UV light, direct sunlight is also harmful and can cause burns. To avoid this, it is recommended to wear a cap or hat.

Pro Optika has a large selection of children’s sunglasses in different tones and sizes – pink ones with jewels for girls, blue ones with cars for boys and ones that look like mum and dad’s sunglasses for older children. We offer Polaroid sunglasses with polarised lenses which improve contrast and eliminate excessive reflections. Children’s glasses should be as dark as possible so as for them to feel comfortable even in the brightest sunlight.

We offer children’s sunglasses from brands such as Polaroid, Ray Ban, Hello Kitty and Centrostyle.