Roosi the guide dog

Just before Christmas in 2012, Pro Optika launched a charity campaign entitled ‘We support raising guide dogs for the blind’ which came to an end in 2014. As a result, visually impaired Margo Joost was presented with a thoroughly trained guide dog named Mouldhills Lonely Rose. In those two years, all of Pro Optika’s customers supported the training of this excellent guide dog with every purchase. 6400 euros was raised to train the Labrador puppy.

The puppy, who is called Roosi in Estonia, was presented to visually impaired Margo Joost in December 2014. 45-year-old Margo, who leads an active and very social life, became visually impaired due to diabetes.

Over a period of two years, Roosi was trained by Veronika Malm and Maria Soonberg to be a friendly, well-balanced dog who can guide a visually impaired person correctly and safely. Roosi was taught the necessary pedestrian traffic rules and also how to lead a person away from obstacles, thus guiding the visually impaired person safely to their destination. Roosi guides her master in different places, is always respectable and disciplined, and will calmly wait for her master for hours if necessary.

Roosi turned two in 2014. Her elbow and hip joints were examined and the results of these examinations were very good. With this confirmation, Roosi is physically and emotionally ready to live the life of a guide dog. Roosi will live with visually impaired Margo for her entire term of service. Guide dogs usually retire at the age of 10 or 11.

A suitable master or mistress for a guide dog is usually sought after the dog has been trained for some time and its character traits and temperament are known. It is very important for the dog and its future owner to have similar personalities. As Roosi is an active and cheerful dog, she is best suited to someone with an active and busy life. It is important to give the dog the opportunity to maximise its potential during its term of work. Margo’s life takes him between two towns: Tartu and Kuressaare. He loves to get around independently, he is sociable and he loves animals. Margo’s decision to become Roosi’s master was not made overnight, but as a result of a longer process of consideration. Some of his friends already had a guide dog and this gave him additional assurance in making his final decision.

Pro Optika sees it as its duty to actively support the visually impaired and to bring to the public’s attention the everyday challenges that visually impaired people face.