What does an optometrist do?

An optometrist is a healthcare specialist who deals with examining and correcting eyesight, prescribes glasses and contact lenses and who can also fit, make and repair glasses. Therefore they must be able to do everything that is necessary when working in an optics store. An optometrist advises on choosing frames and on topics related to eyesight.

In Estonia, optometry can be studied at Tallinn Healthcare College over 3.5 years, including both theory and a lot of practice. The main workplaces are optics stores and eye clinics. In Estonia, optometrists deals primarily with healthy and developed eyes and with young people and adults, issuing prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses. In addition to the traditional chart of letters placed far away, modern tests and devices are also used. In the event of discoveries that indicate medical conditions, the optometrist refers the client for a doctor’s appointment without diagnosing or treating the condition. Children and the elderly are recommended to see an eye doctor for an eye examination.

The field of optometry is very wide: it includes the ergonomics of eyesight, sports vision, the impairment of vision and visual perception. A lot of people work with computers and do a lot of close-up work. The ergonomics of eyesight changes lighting and work methods to make work less straining. Optometrists also help the visually impaired select suitable aids.

From one country to the next, optometrists have slightly different responsibilities and rights. Estonian optometrists do not prescribe medications or cure conditions, but in the USA and UK, optometrists have the adequate training and rights to do so. In a short period of time optometry has developed greatly in Estonia, and our optometrists have excellent knowledge and the best work methods.

We are convinced that if you trust your eye examinations and consultations to our optometrists, you will be offered the best eye care and best optics solutions. Our optometrists – who all regularly participate in training and work with the most modern equipment – offer nothing but the best!