Glasses and sunglasses with RAY-BAN® optical lenses

RAY-BAN® stands for timeless style, authenticity, a legendary quality, boldness and unique technology. Since its launch in 1937 to protect the eyes of pilots against the damaging rays of the sun, Ray-Ban has been at the forefront of lens production.
The company was a pioneer in the introduction of polarised crystalline materials and lenses, such as Chromance, and of colourising polarised lenses. It uses the latest technology to perfect coatings that minimise reflection and repel water.

Everything the company does stems from its original objective: to protect the eyes of wearers, offering the best possible quality and ensuring customer satisfaction. Thanks to their unique design, the glasses contribute to the style of the wearer. Now, for the first time, the company is offering a wide range of frames with genuine RAY-BAN® optical lenses. These are available for both ordinary glasses and sunglasses, and you can be sure that every detail meets the highest standards of the trademark.

Fighter pilots first donned Ray-Ban’s famous sunglasses 80 years ago. Although technology has come on in leaps and bounds since then, one thing remains unchanged: wherever you see the instantly recognisable Ray-Ban logo, quality is guaranteed. Now you can get the same stamp of authenticity for your new RAY-BAN® optical lenses.
The logo sits in the upper corner of the right-hand lens, while the initials ‘RB’ are inscribed on the left-hand lens. Colours form an important part of RAY-BAN® design, and its optical lenses are no exception. The new lenses are available for a wide selection of our most popular frame shapes, including Aviator, Wayfarer, Clubmaster and Erika.

These frames can be matched with transparent or tinted lenses, the choice of which ranges from classic green (G-15) to flash-type and deep transitioning lenses. Every pair of RAY-BAN® glasses with optical lenses is designed so that it suits the parameters of the client’s eyes (your prescription, the distance between your pupils and the height of your optical centre point) and the technical properties of the chosen lenses.

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