Modern reading and office work glasses with extended viewing distance

After turning 40, it is normal for a person who was able to see without any problems before to need reading glasses. If monofocal reading glasses are not enough to also see the computer screen and middle distances clearly, it is possible to use reading glasses with an extended viewing distance. These allow both reading and computer work and make close-up work less difficult.

Office and close-up work glasses unite near and middle-distance vision. These are meant first and foremost for those doing close-up work (reading, working on a computer and doing hobbies) but also allow you to see up to 4 metres away.

Modern reading and close-up work glasses

Near-distance lenses whose use is not limited to reading but which are primarily meant for people who wish to work at different short distances.

The advantages of close-up work lenses are:

  • light and durable plastic lenses;
  • anti-reflection coating;
  • comfortable to wear and easy to adapt to;
  • wide and distortion-free field of vision;
  • suitable for reading, computer work and all other activities that require clear close vision;
  • viewing distance depends on the person’s age and the prescription strength (after turning 40 they are used for seeing up to 1.2 metres away).

Progressive spectacle lenses for office work

Suitable for those who need glasses to work at a short distance but also for moving about in a room. Field of vision from 40 cm to 4 m depending on the type of work and the chosen lens design.

The advantages of this kind of lens are:

  • light and durable plastic lenses;
  • advisably with an anti-reflection coating;
  • easier to adapt to than progressive lenses as the field of vision is wide and without distortions;
  • allow you to move around in a room in addition to looking at a monitor and keyboard;
  • suitable for those who work with a computer and look up to 4 metres away, for example administrators, secretaries and bank tellers.

Not suitable for driving.