Polarised lenses

At first glance, polarised lenses look exactly like regular sunglass lenses, but they actually function as a filter that reduces reflections and increases contrast. The idea behind polarised glasses it to filter the light reflecting back from surfaces and to stop disturbing light waves. These kinds of sunglasses are popular among e.g. drivers, athletes and people into water and winter sports and hiking. These lenses are very suitable for people with light-sensitive eyes. 

Why choose polarised sunglass lenses?

  • 100% protection against the sun, eliminating reflections from snow and water
  • 100% protection against UVA and UVB light
  • Thanks to their polarised characteristics, effectively eliminate distracting light reflections from water , asphalt and windshields
  • Available in brown, grey and green tones
  • Available as a light plastic material
  • Polaroid lenses can be ordered as both mono- and multifocals
  • Excellent durability and are not easily broken

Polarised lenses can make it more difficult to see LCD screens.

Polarised lenses can be easily tested – when placing two polarised lenses one on top of the other and turning them 90 degrees in relation to each other, they should become opaque.