How to take care of your glasses

In order for your glasses to last and for you to be able to use them without issues, we will give you a few tips on how to take care of them.

  • When you are not using your glasses, keep them in a spacious and preferably solid glasses case.
  • Always put on and remove your glasses with both hands. This way you will prevent excessive deformation.
  • When putting your glasses on the table or another surface, make sure that the lenses are face-up. This way you will avoid scratching the lens surface, thus extending the durability of the glasses.
  • Clean you glasses every day using a special lens cleaning solution and cloth.
  • If your glasses have become deformed, do not try to fix them yourself – bring them in to one of our specialists, who will gladly help you.
  • Check the mounting screws from time to time. To tighten the screws, bring your glasses in to one of our stores.
  • Avoid resting your glasses on your hair or head – this bends the frames, meaning your glasses will not stay on as well.
  • Heat and major fluctuations in temperature may harm the lens coatings and frames. Do not wear your glasses in a sauna, and also be careful when opening the oven. Plastic frames cannot tolerate more than +70 °C.
  • Do not leave your glasses on the dashboard or elsewhere where direct sunlight will heat them.