Progressive or multi-vision lenses

Progressive lenses are primarily designed for people over the age of 40 who need two glasses of different strengths to see up-close and far away. Progressive lenses contain many optical strengths and allow you to see sharply far away, mid-range and up-close with the same glasses. The transition from one strength to another is smooth, without any visible ‘window’.

Progressive lenses can be divided into three major groups in terms of optical design: traditional, modern and individual. The higher the technology of the lens, the easier it is to get used to new glasses and the wider, sharper and more distortion-free the field of vision. Progressive lenses can be enhanced with photochromic properties, tinting and coatings.

The latest innovation in progressive lenses: individually adapted lenses
The advantages of progressive lenses are:

  • light and durable plastic glass, available with different coatings if desired;
  • recommended to have an anti-reflective, hydrophobic and anti-dirt coating and a hardened surface;
  • thinned, coloured, photochromic and polarised lenses can also be ordered;
  • when ordering and manufacturing the lenses, the parameters of the individual frame are taken into account;
  • distortion in individual lenses is minimal, allowing exceptionally clear vision in all directions and natural perception in different situations;
  • the best levels of viewing comfort and quality;
  • the highest level of lens design i.e. tailoring.