Sports glasses

An athlete’s achievements and satisfaction are greatly affected by their eyesight. With outdoor sports, people are affected by such conditions as sun, wind, rain and snow. At the same time, many sports require precise aim and clear vision. Does this mean that an athlete wearing glasses is out of the question? Not at all!

Today there are sports glasses with different solutions available in clear, toned, polarised and photochromic lenses. In addition, there are a number of comfortable frames designed especially for athletes. The easiest and most affordable option is plastic clip-on lenses that are attached to the inner side of the sports glasses; these are sanded according to the prescription. It is easy to attach and remove the clip-ons and therefore they are suitable for those who also wish to use contact lenses with the same glasses from time to time. However, you must take care not to let your eyelashes touch the clip-ons, as this may become bothersome. Also, rain and dust may find their way between the clip-ons and the lens, which can impede vision.

A more comfortable and modern solution is sports (sun)glasses with prescription lenses where no extra clip-ons are necessary. Lenses made according to a special athlete prescription ensure reflection- and distortion-free vision with better contrast and excellent protection from UV light and factors that can irritate the eyes. The lenses are made from an unbreakable high-tech material and therefore also function as protective glasses. Both monofocal and progressive glasses are available. In Pro Optika stores we offer Oakley and Adidas optic sports glasses.

The tone selection of sports glasses depends on the sport, environment and light conditions, and of course on the customer’s needs. For example, different lens tones are suitable for playing golf on a cloudy day and beach volleyball on a sunny day. In addition, sports glasses with clear or self-darkening frames in sunlight are very useful, i.e. sports glasses with photochromic sports lenses that protect against impact, foreign bodies, dirt, wind, rain and snow and ensure clear vision. Some models enable interchangeable lenses, making it possible and easy to use lenses of different colours.

Below you will find a description of the effect of different tones on visibility and their compatibility with various sports.

Yellow, orange – improve contrast, especially on cloudy days and in dim light, both indoors and outdoors. Suitable for the following sports: cycling, shooting and hunting, skiing, snowboarding, ball games, tennis.

Pink, red – provide good contrast with partial cloudiness but distort colours. Suitable for the following sports: cycling, fishing, shooting and hunting, skiing, snowboarding, water sports.

Dark yellow, bronze, brown – increase contrast against a background of grass and blue sky and increase clarity in vision. Suitable in bright light but distort colours slightly. Suitable for the following sports: baseball, cycling, fishing, golf, hunting, skiing, water sports.

Green – improves contrast slightly but still preserves natural colours. Suitable for the following sports: baseball, golf.

Grey – generally reduces bright light and leaves all colours natural. Suitable for the following sports: all outdoor sports in bright light.