Tinted lenses

A tinted lens is an ordinary sunglass lens. Tinted lenses are available in specific shades and in a wide range of colours across almost the entire spectrum. Tinted lenses can be divided into three groups:

  • dark monochromatic lenses to protect the eyes from the sun, with varying degrees of darkness;
  • gradients – coloured lenses with a smooth transition between a darker upper edge and a lower lighter edge; and
  • cosmetic lenses with a delicate colour which are placed in the frames in order to make the glasses (and the person wearing them) more beautiful.

    The most common and most sought-after colours are brown, grey and green-grey. The best overview of lens colours can be found in our stores, where colour samples from various manufacturers are available.

    Sunglass lenses are divided into five categories corresponding to their degree of darkness:
  • Category 0: 10-20% dark. Suitable for indoor use and in cloudy weather.
  • Category 1: 20-40% dark. Suitable for use in cloudy weather.
  • Category 2: 55-80% dark. Suitable for driving.
  • Category 3: 80-90% dark. The most common tint for sunglasses. Suitable for everyday use.
  • Category 4: 92-97% dark. Suitable for use in intense light, such as high up in mountain ranges. Not suitable for driving (visual acuity decreases significantly due to darkness).