Swimming goggles that will help you see clearly even at the pool

Now you can do your favourite sport – swimming – with everything around you remaining clear, both under and above the water! Swimming goggles can be made with minus, plus and cylinder corrections. It is also possible to order swimming goggles if your eyes need different prescription strengths for different eyes.

It is not recommended to swim in chlorine or salt water with regular glasses as this will harm the frames and lenses. The surface of the lenses can start to peel as a result of chemical reactions and the glasses will become unusable. Swimming is one of the best and healthiest sports. Special swimming goggles give people wearing glasses both freedom and clarity – there are no more obstacles stopping you from doing what you love. A healthy spirit in a healthy body!

New! Prescription masks are now also available for diving and snorkelling. You will have no more trouble seeing the underwater beauty and discoveries that the world of the sea has to offer!