Accidents happen Glasses insurance.

Do any of these situations seem familiar to you?

You pop your glasses on and sit yourself down in the evening to watch the rest of that film you’ve left unfinished three times, but wake up none the wiser as always. Your glasses lie flattened between your sleepy face and the sofa cushion.

On a beautiful summer’s day, you’ve just taken a seat in a café and ordered a smoothie made from the best things in the world when you lean on your jacket resting on the back of your chair and – CRACK! – break the glasses you’d slipped into your chest pocket.
You end your training session by twisting the frames back into shape in the locker room, because neither the basketball nor the tennis racket nor the elbow of your tennis partner know how much they cost you.
Perhaps your fingers just don’t listen to you. If you have ever dropped your phone, the TV remote control or your keys, even once, you might one day drop your glasses as well.

We have no doubt that whoever appreciates quality glasses also takes good care of them – firstly because they tend to be fairly expensive, and secondly because somewhere in the back of your head you know that finding new ones might take a lot of time and effort. You keep them in a glasses case. You clean them with a glasses cloth, not with your shirt or a handkerchief. You put them on and take them off with two hands, unlike in films. But still, accidents happen. They fall on the floor, get scratched, twist and break at the joins. Completely by accident.

We insure our cars, homes, phones, lawnmowers and china against similar accidents. Now you can do the same with your glasses. If you buy glasses priced from 75-700 euros from Pro Optika, you can insure them for a very reasonable fee while you’re there. This means that if the lenses or frames (or both) are damaged in an accident, they will be fixed. Alternatively, if it is not possible to fix them, they will be replaced. The changing eyes of children are also taken into account – if something happens to the glasses and before ordering new ones it is worth examining the child’s vision before ordering new ones, then the insurance will also cover the eye examination.

Pro Optika’s insurance partner is If Kindlustus. You can review the exact terms and conditions of glasses insurance at or ask in any Pro Optika store.