Zeiss DriveSafe spectacle lenses – for a safe and reliable driving experience

The Estonian climate is extremely unpredictable, and therefore so are the traffic conditions for driving. One of the important factors that is often noted as the cause of accidents in the news is bad road or weather conditions.

  • Have you ever felt unsure or uncomfortable driving in difficult weather conditions like rain or fog, at dusk or during the night?
  • Have you ever been disturbed by the headlights of passing cars and been blinded by reflections at night?
  • Do you ever have difficulty refocusing from the road to the dashboard and from the rear-view mirror to the side-view mirror?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the previous questions, then Zeiss’ innovative new DriveSafe spectacle lenses are for you. DriveSafe is meant for those who wear glasses and who have trouble driving in different light conditions. The lenses help make driving safe and stress-free, even in rain and at night.

Zeiss Luminates Design technology provides drivers with much better contrast in bad light conditions as it takes the actual size of the person’s pupil in low light into consideration.

The DuraVision® DriveSafe coating reduces night-time reflections from passing cars and street lights by up to 64%*. The Zeiss DriveSafe lens design combines an up to 43% wider mid-view field (making it easier to refocus between the dashboard and mirrors) with an up to 14% wider far-view field (allowing you to see a wider portion of the road).

Great visibility is crucial in ensuring safety. Zeiss DriveSafe progressive and monofocal lenses are designed to help you better evaluate the road conditions, and they are perfect for everyday activities as well.

* Compared to other first-class Zeiss anti-reflection coatings.